To the Hilt! Comedy Sword-Fighting Show
Favorite Fan Photos of 2005
Photographer Chip Talbert had a field day when Katya & Leonardo appeared at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival for opening weekend in May 2005.  Please visit his website &  photo gallery.
photo by Chip Talbert
photo by Chip Talbert
To the Hilt returned to the Florida Renaissance Festival South (in Deerfield Beach, FL) for their seventh season.  This shot (right) of Katya in mid-cartwheel was snapped by Ed & Beverly Belles during "The Masked Hero" on 5 March 2005.

They also snapped this photo, (below) where she sticks the landing after a leaping avoidance.  Katya's feet landed before her skirt did. 12 March 2005
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October - November 2005: To the Hilt returns to the Texas Renaissance Festival  (in Plantersville, TX) for their eighth (!) season.  Photos courtesy of Tom Streetman, from opening weekend.

Photo below courtesy of Lucas Puryear.