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We wanted a space to exhibit some of the fantastic photos, you, our loyal fans have snapped! 
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To the Hilt's Favorite Fan Photos!
To the Hilt with Friends - a Gallery
(left) Texas Renaissance Festival, 1999

Katya and Leonardo are joined by King Henry VIII (played by Greg Taylor),  Anne of Cleves (Judy Frow) and members of their court.  This photo was taken in Sherwood Forest, near the Gypsy Wagon Stage.  TRF remains To the Hilt's favorite festival to perform at, thanks (in no small part) to Entertainment Director Jeff Baldwin. Visit the TRF website!
(right)  The Ohio Renaissance Festival, 28 Sept. 2000

Queen Elizabeth I (played by Lisa Petersen) poses breifly with To the Hilt, after their final performance on the Fortune Stage.  Only at the Southern Ohio show for a partial run, both Katya and Leonardo were excited to perform that show for Her Majesty and her entire court.  As you can tell, the weather was rainy, and audiences were sparse.  Photographer Frank Hui was also one of the assemblage for the private showing.
(right)  Comedy Olympics at The Tennessee Renaissance Festival, 1998

A competitive improv comedy show that took place just before the final joust, Comedy Olympics became an audience (and cast) favorite. To the Hilt was joined by the Daring Devilinis, Rude Segue, and the Sherriff to perform this show daily.  Depicted are Nettie the Fishmonger (Jennifer Sullivan), Katya, Isabella Devilini (Allison Williams), Squeegee Winnebago (Mark Sullivan), Arlecchino Devilini (Todd Espeland) and Sherriff Marshall Law (Brook Collin Hall). Leonardo is crouched at the edge of the Hilltop Glen Stage directing a game of "Story".
(right)  To the Hilt & the Washer Well Wenches at the Florida Renaissance Festival,  1998

Pictured here following the final Pub Sing, Katya and Leonardo are joined by Oliv (Christine Wilfinger) and Daphne (Danielle Dupont).  Daphne is in a wagon with crutches, since earlier that day she had fallen off the Washing Well Stage during a show and injured her left foot (not pictured).  It is always a pleasure to perform with these gifted and talented ladies. Visit their website!
(left)  The Faeries and Katya at the Florida Renaissance Festival,  1998

Katya is surrounded by Star, Foxie, Cricket and Luna.  This faerie band are without a doubt the most delightful group to ever grace a festival, and To the Hilt is honored to have a place on their website.  Katya keeps hoping to get an honorary pair of wings, but is happy to meet them on any festival path.  
Possibly the coolest photo we've ever received!  Taken in the audience of the Lake Stage at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, 2000.
(We thought the arrows help locate our heroes admidst the crowd!)
(left)  London Broil at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, 2002

This three man comedy juggling show includes Matt, Duncan and Louie.  To the Hilt was proud to share the Globe Stage with these talented and wacky guys - needless to say, it was a very energetic stage!  Notice Matt (far right) is wearing a primary colors Leonardo hat, inside out.  In their other show, the safety helmets were replaced by 2 woven rice patty hats which were also gifts from Leonardo and Katya.  They were originally passed along by the PeeBodies of TRF.
(above) "Mike, "Rocco",  Katya, "Vinnie" and "The Fish" (2001)
(left)  "Mike", "Rocco" and "the Fish" with Katya & Leonardo (1999)

Four hard-core faire go-ers, these photos represent To the Hilt's TRF fan base.  "Vinnie" is also a great contibutor of TRF photos (as seen in the fan photos) These nicknames were first applied to the group by Leonardo and Katya to protect the innocent.  Now, these nicknames have stuck (eew!) and their real names have been usurped, even in everyday life.  We love you, Vinnie, Mike, Rocco and the Fish, whoever you are!

To the Hilt! 
Comedy Sword-fighting Show
(right) Florida Renaissance Festival,  2004
photo by Patrick Franz

Katya and Leonardo pose with two of their dearest fans, Ellen and Jim Meehan.  In front of the Castle Stage at Flarf, Ellen and Jim are proud owners of the limited edition To the Hilt t-shirt (not pictured, although they usually wear it to visit!)