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The other awesome comedy sword fighting show.  Be prepared to snarf milk out your nose.
Sword Maker Links
Bagpipes at their best! Traditional  Scottish music, and the incomprable Sharon!
Juggling, fire eating, bowling balls and a straightjacket.  Don't be frightened, it's only comedy.
Rocky the clairvoyant raccoon performs with Dave Rojahn, funny fat guy.  Aren't you glad he's not a wizard?
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More juggling, some fire eating, the ball of death, and a mean pair of boots!
Giacomo, Demetrius and Looney Lucy.  Long time friends from way back when.
To the Hilt!
Comedy Sword-fighting Show
Stage Acts: Our Friends and Neighbors
Even more juggling (times three) with the wackiest, most energetic guys we've ever eaten Chinese food with!  Give it up for Matt, Duncan and Louie!
It all started with Daphne and Oliv.  Then Ruby.  Then Winnie.  Then Pepper.  Who's next?  Good clean fun from wet dirty women.
Dirk Perfect & Guido Cresendo - Bold and stupid men, at your service!
Ahem!  Meet and become instant fans of Ty Billings, Jerry Barry, Thomas Nuendeland Jimmy Torrey.
St George and the Dragon, and a street smarts to spare, he delights kids of all ages! (Katya just calls him "Bin".)