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Katya and Leonardo of "To the Hilt" at the Texas Renaissance Festival, photo by Jim Mackenzie
Swordfighting gypsies may never have existed, but as a wise woman once said, "the Renaissance Festival is to history what the Etch-a-Sketch is to art." Nevertheless, our own gypsy lore was born, complete with its own vernacular ("Later!) and it's own sense of fashion.  Or lack thereof in somebody's case.
Because when you think comedy, you think sword-fighting!  Join your favorite gypsy swashbucklers, Leonardo & Katya, for their comedy swordfighting extrrrrrrravaganzzza!
Such read the program at Renaissance Festivals across the country where To the Hilt has graced the stage and entertained thousands.  What began as an expression of artistic freedom became a sword swinging sample of sinous simultaneous slashing that has sent seekers of swashbuckling straight to our scheduled stages!
The "To the Hilt" show toured Renaissance Festivals from 1997-2005 with a rare blend of sword skill and silliness, capturing the hearts of millions from all over the country. Of course, now they need a really big display case.
Since 10 May 2001, 
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