Name: Katya Selene Natalia Natasha Carnation 
Cinderella Trote
Nationality: Russian
Height:  18 hands high
Weight:  10 stone
Favorite Sword:  Italian Swept-Hilt full size rapier
Claim to fame: kin to the Russian Royal Family
Aspiration:  to comprehend Leonardo's sense of 
color & style
Quote:  "Grandfather planted a turnip.  The time came
for  which to pick it..."
Name: Leonardo
Nationality: Katya found him in Portugal, although he is the ambassador from Pavlovia
Height:  17 and three quarters hands high
Weight:  12 and a half stone
Favorite Sword:  a Pappenheimer full size rapier named
Claim to fame: once swept the fencing salle floors for 
Rocco Bonetti
Aspiration: to be the first non-German Marx Bruder
Quote:  "How say you???"
 Katya & Leonardo invite you to join them for their comedy sword fighting extrrrrrravaganzzza, "To the Hilt"!  Learn what it is to be a 16th century gypsy from two who are figuring it out for themselves.
Travelling from distant Russia, Katya and her Portuguese partner Leonardo have long studied the art of swordplay, thrilling audiences across the thrice-nine lands.  The art of duelling has never been more enjoyable.  With Reniassance swashbuckling, daring and comedy, they now set out to entertain Renaissance Festival go-ers.  Join the crowds and marvel at this daring duo's spectacular swordplay while you grasp your guts with laughter.  Because, after all, when you think comedy, you think sword fighting!
Katya & Leonardo, 1998
Katya photographed by Dana W. Hill, 1999
Character Biographies
Leonardo photographed by Terry White, 1998
Meet Leonardo and Katya!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to give you the opportunity to
Stage Show Synopses
The Medulla Oblongata
The Masked Hero
 The Medulla Oblongata is To the Hilt's original stage show.  It premiered at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in May of 1997.  A witty, banter filled romp, high touch audience interaction and a gypsy ritual duel.  Who could ask for anything more?  Fights include one meter broadswords, single rapier, quarterstaff and rapier dagger vs. rapier cloak.
 The Masked Hero show's swashbuckling insults, Renaissance feminist theory and malpropic death scene may have the bard rolling over in his grave.  But never have severed arms and household plungers been so much fun!  Fights include single rapier, quarterstaff, case of rapier vs. quarterstaff, rapier and buckler and rapier and dagger.
To the Hilt!
Comedy Sword-fighting Show